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Masterclass EFT and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is known as a persistent disorder which often does not respond well to therapy and often re-occurs . It is also apparent that diagnoses are being missed or clients are wrongly diagnosed as being depressed or having a personality disorder. GAD is characterized by persistent feelings of fear and anxiety, together with deep feelings of shame and feelings of being unacceptable.

EFT is an integrative therapy approach that brings together interventions and concepts from humanistic, experiential, and gestalt  theory and practice to work more effectively with clients. It has been found to be effective in the treatment of a number of different disorders including depression, trauma, anxiety and couples.  Emotion Focused Therapy is particularly suited to address maladaptive ‘emotion schemes’ at the root of a generalized anxiety disorder,  to facilitate changes in clients.  

Masterclass content 

In this masterclass the role of EFT in promoting clients’ emotional processing and affect regulation in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety (GAD) will be presented.  

The etiology of GAD and case formulation using EFT will be introduced along with different processing markers to guide specific treatment interventions and enhance the development of the therapeutic alliance. Working with clients to resolve negative life experiences and develop positive ways of being with self and other is essential to the healing process.  The workshop will demonstrate how to work with worry in GAD as well as how to use chair dialogues to develop self-compassion and self-soothing.  The use of empty chair dialogues to promote clients’ differentiation and self-assertion will be presented. Specific interventions and ways of working with clients’ emotional pain will be reviewed and illustrated with case vignettes.  

Participants will learn to

  • differentiate specific in-session processes that occur with clients with GAD;
  • attune to clients’ emotional experience moment to moment;
  • identify and attend to verbal and non-verbal markers of clients’ cognitive-affective states;
  • work with worry-splits,
  • enhance the development of clients’ self-soothing;
  • facilitate the development of clients’ self-assertion to overcome GAD.

The training will consist of a combination of theory and skill practice in small groups.  

The training is suited for psychologists and psychiatrists working in Mental Health. To attend this masterclass, you will need to have followed EFT level I. It is preferred that you are familiar with the client-centered methods (e.g. experiential therapies or focusing).

Voor wie?

  • Psychologen, GZ-psychologen, Klinische Psychologen, Psychotherapeuten en Psychiaters werkzaam in de GGZ die de opleiding EFT level I hebben gevolgd. 
  • HBO opgeleide professionals kunnen deze opleiding volgen mits zij geschoold zijn in de psychologie (of aanverwant) en werkzaam zijn in de GGZ en de opleiding EFT level I hebben gevolgd. Ter beoordeling voor toelating dienen HBO opgeleide professionals contact op te nemen met EFTiN (


Accreditatie is/wordt aangevraagd:

  • Federatie van Gezondheidszorgpsychologen en Psychotherapeuten (FGzPt) 
  • Het Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP) 
  • De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychotherapie (NVP) 
  • De Vereniging voor Persoonsgerichte Experiëntiële Psychotherapie (VPEP) 
  • De landelijke Vereniging van Psychiaters (NVvP)


Jeanne Watson


'Emotion Focused Therapy for General Anxiety Disorder by Leslie S. Greenberg and Jeanne C. Watson (2017) EAN 9781433826788
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De studiebelasting voor de Masterclass GAD is circa 24 uur.


Datum : 28 april 2023
Tijd : 09u30 - 17u00
Locatie : Kloosterhotel ZIN
Prijs : € 375,00 
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Vereiste vooropleiding: EFT I