De helende kracht van emoties

Masterclass EFT for Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety (or Social Phobia) is a chronic condition with wide-raging effects on interpersonal, occupational and psychological functioning. Although current treatment guidelines emphasize CBT, effective alternatives have recently emerged.

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In this one-day workshop, we will present the EFT model of social anxiety. This model posits early abuse or bullying by primary caregivers, siblings or peers, resulting in two internal self-configurations. One of these is a more explicit hypervigilant protective internal guard aspect, which scans the environment for social dangers, trying to help the person to prepare for or avoid these situations but typically causing emotion dysregulation. The other, deeper configuration is an implicit harsh, shaming critic aspect, an internalization of previous social trauma experiences, which generates a sense of self as socially defective and which is the source of the social anxiety guard aspect. After this, we will focus on the application of key EFT tasks in working with and resolving social anxiety: Unfolding anxiety episodes, working with anxiety splits, and helping client offer compassion to the vulnerable parts of self that underlie social anxiety. We conclude by presenting an integrated model of EFT-SA practice, which consists of a sequence of interlinked therapeutic tasks, starting with evocative unfolding and two-chair enactment of social anxiety episodes, followed by emotion regulation work, work on deeper self-critical processes and unresolved relationships, and finally self-soothing work. Skill practice using own experiences will be used throughout the day.


Robert Elliott


Datum: 03 december 2021
Tijden: 09h30 - 17h30
Locatie: Online via Zoom
Prijs: € 175,00 
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