De helende kracht van emoties

Masterclass Presence and Self-compassion in Psychotherapy

Cultivating therapeutic presence: boosting your foundation for a strong alliance and effective therapy.

Shari Geller, een leerling van Les Greenberg, heeft de afgelopen 20 jaar een methode ontwikkeld om de ‘therapeutic presence’ optimaal te ontwikkelen en te consolideren. Zij combineert hiervoor inzichten uit persoonsgerichte experiëntiële - , emotion-focused en dialectische gedragstherapie met mindfulness en meditatie. Ze werkt ook graag met non-verbale methodieken om voor ieder op zijn/haar eigen manier optimale ‘presence’ te cultiveren. Dit noemt ze ‘Therapeutic Rhytm and Mindfulness Program’, een combinatie van meditatie en drummen (!).

De voertaal van de workshop is Engels. Hieronder vind je alle verdere informatie.

Therapeutic presence (TP) is the foundation for positive therapeutic relationships and effective therapy. Twenty years of research on the art and science of TP has led to a model that provides the groundwork for accessing presence in the moment. TP involves therapists bringing their whole self in the encounter with another by being completely in the moment on multiple levels—physically, emotionally, cognitively, relationally, and spiritually. It is trans-theoretical, as being present optimizes the impact of therapeutic interventions across different therapy approaches.

To be most helpful, therapists need to simultaneously be grounded and present in the moment while attuning to clients’ moment-to-moment experience. This activates a neurophysiological experience of safety, supporting clients to engage in optimal and effective therapeutic work. Further it serves to help therapists to remain centered in the face of difficult emotions while offering a therapeutic intervention that is precisely timed to the readiness of their clients. This type of relationship provides a powerful buffer to clients’ distress through the co-regulation of affect. The skillful cultivation of presence also helps therapists to sustain a level of vitality, connection, and effectiveness and supports movement towards emotional health and neurophysiological integration for both clients and therapists.

In this Masterclass we will explore an empirically validated model of TP as a map to build and strengthen the skills of presence with clients. We will also explore the neurophysiological principles to creating safety with therapeutic presence, based on concepts such as co-regulation and neuroception of safety stemming from the polyvagal theory (Geller & Porges, 2014). Evidenced based practices from Dr. Geller’s book, ‘A Practical Guide for Cultivating Therapeutic Presence’, such as mindfulness, musical rhythm, imagery and experiential/creative practices will be incorporated. This workshop will also include a deeper dive into the skills of attuning in the moment to the nuances of clients’ experience, through various sensory modalities, to enhance effective therapy. Video tapes and role plays will be incorporated. We will also discuss challenges to TP and how to stay open and engaged when working with challenging clients. There will be a number of take home practice for cultivating presence for your clients, your students, trainees, and for yourself.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • An empirically validated model of therapeutic presence
  • The neurophysiological benefits of therapeutic presence
  • How therapeutic presence promotes effective therapy
  • How to strengthen your presence in and out of session
  • Practices and skills for attuning in the moment with clients
  • Take home practices for clients, students, trainees and for yourself


Shari Geller


Datum: 12 juli 2022
Locatie: Kloosterhotel Zin, Vught
Prijs: € 275,00 (incl. biologische lunch, koffie/thee). 
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