De helende kracht van emoties

Webinar by Antonio Pascual-Leone

Problem Anger: An emotion-focused perspective.
Working with anger problems and interpersonal violence is a perennial challenge for psychotherapy, where most treatments tend to focus om behavioral interventions although success is limited.

Some of the challenge has been a purely behavioral perspective on problem anger, which overlooks much of what drives anger in the treatment session and in the difficulties, clients have with anger in their lives. Emotion focused theory offers a sophisticated way of understanding the role of emotions, including anger, and yet problem anger has not been discussed much in the literature.

Better understanding

This talk presents theory for understanding problem anger that blends emotion-focused and behavioral perspectives. While it will not instruct on specific interventions, the talk focuses on much needed clinical theory for working with different kinds of anger and the implications this has in case formulation. Therapists will better understand the root of anger problems. They may be helping clients work with and be given key issues to consider in their practice.


Antonio Pascual-Leone


Online webinar met ruimte voor Q&A op het einde
maximaal 20 personen
Datum: 19 mei 2021
Tijd: 16h00 - 18u00 (local time Amsterdam)
Kosten: € 65 
VPeP-leden krijgen 10% korting, zie
Locatie: online via zoom

Dit is een gezamenlijk initiatief van EFTiN en Focus on Emotion.